Saturday, January 16, 2010

And one more....

I sort of cannot resist posting this.
These pictures are of my Daddy with his wood pile.
He was SO PROUD of this wood pile. I think he has every right to be. He found a load of wood and stood out in the yard in the evening and cut up and sawed up all these big trees.
Then I took pictures of him with his wood pile.
When I was little I remember going with my Daddy to some woods one time when he had to cut wood for us. We just sat in the truck and chewed big red gum and he cut wood. We had a wood stove in our house--for heat--not for cooking.
My Daddy works all the time.
Working is his play.
This was fun for him--to do this. He does not really enjoy sports too much. He does not have a boat. He is too impatient to fish.
He hunts some--not to excess and not with dogs.
He mostly loves to work. Did I say that we all think he is a bit hyper active? He hardly ever sits still. When he is in a situatio that requiers being still..we all sort of get uncomfortable b/c of his discomfort. In the summer time he does not even come inside to eat supper until it is dark. Then he comes in, takes a shower, and goes to bed. Just like that.

He is {one of} ;) my favorite people!

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Bethany said...

he should be proud! Those are some big-a logs! wow...
Now I want some big red gum, and to sit in an old pick-up that smells like grease. And think about daddies. Wasn't it such a big deal to go with daddy somewhere? And just sit? My kids don't know how to just sit. I'd be afraid they would drive the vehicle away.