Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And one more...

There are three new posts tonight btw...

This one is a bit political, but it is so windy around here that if
I get on the soap box I might get blown off by the gusts of wind.

I am so so so so (fill the page) HAPPY! Pleased! that President Obama is answering and interacting
with his critics and naysayers.
Remember before? When questions or criticisms or suggestions were presented our PREVIOUS PRESIDENT just snickered or hid...or...snickered?
From what I can tell from watching the news every fifth night or so, this one
has been hollering back lately.
He is saying, "if you have suggestions of ways to help {whatever} or improve
{whatever} please tell them to me, don't just criticize"
I always thought this was thing thing to do as a know?
Get suggestions, answer your critics (within reason of course)
Now, we have a leader of our country who actually does this.
Agree with his politics or not, you can't disagree with that.
He even goes to their luncheons and invites ideas!!

Where is that other guy anyway???

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Bethany said...

AMEN! Seems it got the point where people were disagreeing w/ him, no matter how *reasonable* or {rational} the suggestion. The Party of No indeed. I a enjoying his town hall meetings, and how real and accessible he is being. I still think he is so smart and capable...