Sunday, February 7, 2010


I guess this night is as good a night as any to confess....
I have no team spirit.
Never have.
For ANY TEAM. (EVen ones I was on) (I was TERRIBLE at sports by the way)
I simply do not care about teams, or sports.
No passion for a team exists anywhere en my mente ni en mi corazon.
I do not know where team spirit would reside b/c I have never had it.
Now, I have faked it...
Oh yeah..
Cheerleading outfits were too cute not to fake it for one football season and go
Did I really care who won? {no}.
Did I like looking cute in that outfit? {yes}
Did I fake it?
I can also get a buzz (morgan can attest to this) and fake something
like team, say at a carolina football game.
Now, not having team spirit does dampen the sports watching mood--say when I compare myself to a true fanatic...but I do enjoy watching sports.
I just pick a team for whatever reason...I like their color pants (I followed the Tampa Bay buccaneers for a whole season one time ..b/c of their pants color).
I have also been in the Dean Dome and watched UNC basketball and felt a TWINGE OF SOMETHING maybe like team spirit..but actually I think I was just into the game (Who would not be?)
I loved watching Andy play soccer in high school--he was really good at it, could run fast, made goals --I mean that is a turn on, right?
I love to watch boxing..Only the light weight people,though. oh, wait, that is not a team sport.

It is interesting to me, where this team spirit might come from, and why I do not have it.
Maybe it's b/c my parents did not go to college and we never watched sports?
Could be b/c...well, who knows..??
I mean I know plenty of people who never went to college and they still act like nut heads over some teams.
Professional sports following and spirit over them is A COMPLETE WASTE of money etc. in my opinion (eek..did I jsut type that?) That is one reason why following Prof. sports is not a thing I enjoy.
Those damn people get paid too much money, and all the people there paid too much money to go and see that--oh wait, they are PASSIONATE about the TEAM...SORRY.
Who cares what I think?

I am off to facebook world..which is probably a quiet place b/c everyone is watching the super bowl. :)


Bethany said...

Whew. High 5, for not having the spirit. Do we have a missing gene? I can watch some hotties run around a field, but yeah... nothing to do w/team spirit. Sometimes I fake Carolina spirit, just b/c my dad was such a Fan. I read a darn good book while R. watched the game. That is togetherness in my book! ;-) (heehee, like the the Bucs pants color story...)

Susan said...

I have always thought I had a missing gene, for sure.
Team spirit is certainly and endearing quality in others (most of the time, anyway).
I just never have been able to muster any up....