Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's day {already}

Valentine's day is my favorite holiday.
Usually it is simple.
Since I was a little girl my mama has always {contributed} to making this a special day.
We would wake up and at breakfast time find Valentine's day treats
on the table.
Some of the treats might include, Valentine's underwear, a little piece of
jewelry, some candy, and ALWAYS a box of conversation hearts.
I love the white ones. :)
My freshman year of college my mama sent a special box with
identical treats for my roomate and me.
My roomate LOVED THIS. :)
Her mama did not have the valentine's day tradition apparently.
Now, this was no invisible, magical valentine's creature/fairy/saint.
We always mama did this for us.
We, (my sister and I) always loved it.
It was just a little dead of winter pick me up to accompany our bowl of cereal
or grits and get us started for a great school day. ;).

I will also always do this for my children. :)
Here is a picture of my youngest Valentine's day cutie! :)

I bought her a Valentine's day outfit! :) Yes. We do this too. We buy Valentine's day clothes (consumerism at its best, no?) But fun indeedy.

Here are a couple snow pictures...did I already post some of these?

Here is a picture of my Valentine. :)
I have been making Valentine's for him for....hmmm..
15 years or so now. I make him one, every year...homemade. :)
Some of them from over the years are still around.



Bethany said...

Baby E is delcious!!! You just made my day. Nothing is cuter than chunky babies in holiday clothes. :) My mom did the V tradition too,and I am with you on the "no magic" part of it. :) Your Valentine is cute as ever, and nope - didn't see the snow pics! Happy Day to you, Susan!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

My mama does this too (actually she still does!) and I am continuing on the tradition at our house for Gaby...I love those pjs, where did you get them????

Susan said...

The Valentine's day clothes came from Gymbor33