Saturday, February 13, 2010


We got a good snow here last night!
We have been outside playing in it. :)
YAY Snow!
Elena and Andy went to a father/daughter Valentine's day dance last night. sweet!
She was absolutely BESIDE HERSELF with excitement.
We got her all ready.
Bubble bath, hair blown dry, diamond face powder, eye shadow (just enough to tickle her eyelids, vamos), cute dress. ...
She and Andy went out to her favorite restaurant --Pizza Inn where they reportedly
"shared a salad"
Then the went dancing.


Shannon said...

Oh, I love hearing about the father/daughter dance! That is so cute! Victor looks like such a big boy now, and Eva is cute as always. I hope she let's me hold her when we see you guys!

Bethany said...

Sweet sweet sweet! did your snowman last, or get attacked by V-man? :) (Ours did not last...)