Tuesday, February 16, 2010


to the Food lion (if you live near one), or to whatever grocery store you live
near and buy some
Cara Cara oranges.
At my Food L!on they cost 99 cents apiece.
Who cares?
Not me.
They are perfect.
The little plasticky packages tear off of each slice perfectly, and
well, hmm hmm...
That is how I eat oranges.
I tear off each little plasticky package.
If I cannot tear that stuff off...I really don't want the
orange that much.
These oranges are PERFECT!
Morgan, remember I used to give you pieces of my orange?
Now, I feed them to my children that way.
I just sit and peel and say, "open up" and I pop some yummy, perfectly cleaned
into their sweet little mouths.
Am I spoiling them?
Who cares?
Not me. :)
I like my orange this way b/c my mama fed me mine this way
when I was {little} actually she still will if I don't want to mess
up my hands. :)
So, now I learned how to do it.
I bet they will too, if it is important enough.



Bethany said...

I JUST bought myself one of those yesterday! There were samples out, I had one & it was delish. Shopping alone...so only bought one. :) I am picturing you feeding them, gathered around like little birds. tweet, tweet, sweet.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

YES I remember! That is how I do my oranges now too! I never even really like oranges until you gave me some like that, they are SOOO good..I will check those out at Food Lion! Remember you had that huge safety pin thing on your keys that we would use to get the orange peel started???? Also, remember that yummy rice snack mix I used to get at the store in our building at grad school? I miss those days! I cannot wait for our reunion!!!!!!