Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A new...

TV! Yes!
This is definitely a milestone in my life.
Everytime there is a new TV!
I can remember every one that I have ever taken part in having.
We had one when I was a little girl...and I do mean ONE (we did not have
one in each room).
Then in about fifth grade we got a new one--you see the
old one had gone dark. This meant you could only see the apples
of the cheeks of very white people --and the whites of their eyes.
When this happened....
we had to break down and get a new TV.
Okay then, we got another one..well I got one when
Andy and I got an apartment! Yes...i went out and picked out a TV.
Then in the mean time several people thought we would be worthy owners of the
TVs they no longer wanted.
1. lyla gave us one when she moved to cali. it was a neat little one that could play vcr tapes...we still have it still use it.
2. shannon and joel gave us the grand daddy of all t.v.s...that just recently died this week..RIP jumbo mega TV that graced our living room for three or so years.
3. Grandma Eva gave us a hand-me-down chiqui little cutie that is in Victor's room (for when we run them off to watch a DVD, vamos, this is the 21st century, no?)

So when TV #2 started to whistle this 8000 hz whistle sound this was time to say see ya...!!
This afternoon when I got home ...there was a new tele waiting! yippiee!!
I will remember this day until my old age...
Let's see..
TV number three
I am 3...hold on...
I am 31!

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