Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here is the bunny cake that we made on Sunday and a picture of Eva crawling:

I realize you have to turn your head to be able to see the cake picture right.
On sunday we were all stir crazy and we decided to make a cake. We had the cake mix.
We had the eggs, and the oil, and we had coconut for decorations and some jelly bellys in the car, and we had a bunny cake pan! yippie! We did not have butter for the icing..but Andy came to the rescue and went to get us some.
We all love to make {and eat} cakes. Oh, and putting icing into a ziploc bag and cutting off a corner is an EXCELLENT way to decorate cakes! It worked really well.
Oh, and the icing recipe i use is off the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder box. YUM! I could really hide in a closet and eat an entire bowl of it...but I won't. ;).

We are all at home today for a snow day.
My children have a new play scenario...moving. They are pretending to move.
The dialogue is hilarious..the way they strew things around the house in their packing ...NOT HILARIOUS!

I am all about some pretend. Yay pretending. Not yay pretending to move.
I am still letting them do it, though...who cares, really? if everything in the house is in a box or bag in the wrong room? who cares?

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