Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On GMA just now, Someone..the anchor..was raising the question, "should white people adopt black kids from haiti?"
Can y'all even believe this?
I cannot.
Childen are children.
People are people.
Culture is culture.
Basic needs being met, is basic needs being met.
Do I think children should be stolen? h@@ no!
That is terrible.
BUT if there is a couple who wants to adopt a child, and the child who needs them is in Haiti and it all comes together...PERFECT!
There is a child who will not run around nekkid, hungry, uneducated, unloved, homeless...
who will be loved as a HUMAN BEING.



A Beautiful Mess said...

the national association of african american social workers does NOT recommend that white parents adopt african american children. Really..not kidding.

While I agree with you that children need families regardless of their is essential that adoptive parents recognize the need to keep a child connected to their culture,that they have role models of the same race and that parents work to understand racism. Adult adoptees have shared that they often do not fit in with their white community because they are not white and that they don't fit in with their same race peers because of the missing pieces of culture. I wonder if that is what the anchor was getting at??

I wish the world was color blind but it is not....

Susan said...


This is exactly what a friend of mine (who has been trying to adopt A KID for ever) was telling me! Shocking! I am not understanding this one....just not.
I mean asking an adult adoptee this question is a strange thing to do...they cannot imagine what their situation would have been had they not been know?
So it's like, yeah...I hated my life so much all along that I would have preferred the {alternative} (whatever that might have been, of course.
Just strange.

Susan said...

The African AMERICAN assoc. of social workers would, I would hope, have little to say about adoption of Haitian children. Although the color of their skin is dark, they are not AMERICANS. Their culture (that they would not longer experience upon being adopted by white people from the US) is Haitian culture, not american.
This would be different than the adoption of AFRICAN AMERICAN children by white people in the US--or by some white people our brown folks outside the US--(do you see how this could go on?).
I guess geography of where the adoptee ends up would also affect the experience.
For example if an African american child from here were adopted by some people in wisconsin from a very whitey place (I just picked that state randomly btw) they might really feel like they had missed out on something..
Do you see how this could go on???
How speculating about circumstances such as these is unfortunate??? {to me}

Susan said...

oh, what if black people from the u.s. adopt hatian children--does the matching skin undo the atrocity of humanity that has occurred?--just they would all be black, but the parents Probably would not speak hatian creole...hmmm...