Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check out..

The google art today...
Is this the four seasons by vivaldi artwork?
I think it is and I like it. :)

No more controversy.
I love Maryellen.
As I get older I realize how crazy {really} opinions are.
They should almost be treated as nothing more than a tool
for amusement.
Surrounding any given opinion are so many variables and facts, that really
the person who is most dogged in his/her opinion, seems the most idiotic.
What do I know about adopting?
What do I know about attending school at home?

Now, here is something cool:
man! I forgot what it was that I was even going to post...
there was something good that i saw today...

Oh, I had a question:
Does anyone else think that the new Al!ce in Wond3rland does not seem like a Kid's movie at all?
Andy just thinks I am too old fashioned.


Anonymous said...

Alice looks scary! My friend and I are going next week-def grown up!

Bethany said...

You reminded me of what my dad used to say, "When I was 20 I knew everything about sports, when I was 30 I knew everything about politics, when I was 40 I knew everything about religion. Now I just want to go out to dinner." :)
Keep your opinions woman, they make you unique! We just can't become inflexible about it all.
I like Johnny Depp, so I will see the new Alice movie... but it looks a bit {weird}...

Susan said...

yes. i like johnny depp too! yay!! i think this movie looks very artsy and beautiful (like most stuff he chooses to be in).
have fun at the movies girls! :)