Saturday, March 6, 2010


So Winter is getting the boot around here:
Today we:
Washed sweaters--to put them AWAY!
We: chopped up the dirt in the side bed--a new sunny spot to plant some stuff.
I love to listen to Victor's working sounds. He has a kiddie sized hoe--and boy does he love to chop dirt.
He has a lot of energy...we need to keep putting it to good use.
Meanwhile Elena was telling us, "If I do three cartwheels in a row it will make the peas you want me to do cartwheels?"
Victor: "Grunt, Grunt, chop chop...ith dith good mommy?"
Yippie!! The beginnings of the garden.
We are going to leave the old garden spot mostly alone as an exp. We want to see what just happens to come up there.

I will put pictures up here. This is too exciting to leave without a visual.

Also: I am the proud mama of a....
Last night I found, in a box of books, a reader book that was from Andy's parent's house.
The first story was chock full of sight words--which Elena has been practicing at school.
She read the story, "The Monkey and the Bee" to me THREE TIMES ! She was absolutely beside herself...and boy was I too! :).

Bueno...I guess I need to go and take some pictures to make this entry a little more fun.
Happy weekend.

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Bethany said...

Yes!! Booting winter to the curb, outdoor projects started - check. And Hurray for Elena!!! That is an all-time top feeling, for parents - seeing the utter delight at figuring out the {key} to the universe... reading! I love it!