Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the midst...

This week Victor got ahold of the camera.
He took a bunch of pictures of people in the midst of doing things.
They are funny.
I guess this happens b/c he just grabs the camera and snaps snaps snaps away.
Actually, these first ones I took. I was capturing Eva in the act of sucking on her favorite brick! When she is in the living room, if she is not otherwise entertained her favorite thing to do is to go after this brick in the hearth. It is loose (God only knows how she discovered that) and she crawls over and picks it out of its little space, picks it up and ..... in the mouth it goes! So meanwhile in the camera already were the pictures that Victor had taken. When I put them on the computer this morning...a post was born! :)

Elena's cartwheel: She has been practicing this endlessly lately. It is so fun and educational to watch her trying. She's gonna get it. :)

And finally, we'll call this one: Andy dancing

And let's not forget the photographer himself! :)

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Bethany said...

The photographer himself has cute little toe-sies! This is funny. Kid's eye view. Now I am imagining the sound of baby teeth grinding on a brick. :) Have a great weekend!