Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post Ideas..

So, even when I am not posting I am thinking about post ideas:
One is to copy Melissa and post the thing that I am obsessing about that week.
Vamos, or {things}.
The other is to tell the tales of the new super hero I have invented in my mind who is this roguish/vigilante social worker super hero who sets people right when they mistreat children.
This second idea is stemming from the fact that it seems like nice spring weather is bringing about all kinds of SENSELESS abusive/strange behavior in the homes of my children. This behavior is, of course investigated by the powers that be,who are in my mind, {powerless}. Thus the need for super hero vigilante social worker lady or {man}--
The second idea will probably not happen. There is the need for anonimity --even for the sorriest and most shameful people among us, which I am finding more and more that I [might not} agree with this...maybe a good public shaming would be good for these people...hmmm?? AND of course not have a food stamp debit card too..(I just found out that these exist btw..and that people trade their value to buy drugs...oh yes. :)
Soooo...let's see--Wasn't the weather great today!? I am trying to bring this around folks...positive posts, positive posts....

Those are my ideas..besides a couple random posts that I had in mind...That i will get to.

I am off now...to read my book! It is soooo good! :)
Let's see if i can get some pictures up here of the things I am obsessing over. :)

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