Saturday, April 3, 2010

At the playdate....

Yesterday at the playdate in the yard of a friend another mother/friend brought her
two children and one of them was a one year old little girl in the CUTEST little
white outfit with some little adornment of some sort (I do not have an eye for details)--we'll say flowers.
The outfit was mostly white.
The one year old was mostly eating and drooling and TRYING to walk on the grass and
the blanket.
So after a few bites of Goldfish the mother said, "oh no! ___, you got goldfish on this outfit!--I'll have a time getting that out..I was trying to get through this day with only one outfit for you..."

Ugghh...My answer {in my mind} was "ughh..who in the hell puts a one year old in an outfit that should not stain itself {hee hee} to come to a playdate in a yard and drool and eat goldfish?"

I cannot understand this..
I guess that is why my children basically always run around like rag-a-muffins.
When they are old enough to care about--manchas/stains, clean mouths (I do wipe them off occasionally--but not to the point of chapping, vamos), untangled perfect hair--then they will keep it themselves.

I keep myself, and they watch--comb my hair/put on makeup/cut my nails..etc.
Do I battle with them about this? --No

This is an interesting {and probably pill-needing} mentality
Let me dress this little creature in expensive/perfect clothes and then yell at it and complain all day the the clothes get dirty..or they get their clothes dirty..or
que se manche la ropa..

Now there is irony in our house...V. man hates to be bothered about these things--and he is the one who cares about not having manchas etc.
E. Does not care too much--but you could wipe her face all day and she would never say a word...funny, no?

Have a happy saturday!
We are off to have a family portrait made--With all our nails cut, hair washed, neat clothes on (of course v. man will wear his too little dollar general lightning mcqueen crocs)--then we will take them off and go get mancha(ed).


Bethany said...

No WAY!!!!!!! We had our family photo shoot this morning!!!! All went well - Phoenix drooled crackers on his shirt all the way to the site, and then I put his fresh one on there - as the photog (friend) looked wide-eyed at his drooly-stained shirt. Ha. A ban on all white clothing with appliques, I say. A ban! :) It stains itself immediately... Hope your family shots are great!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I sooo agree with ya,,,, we went to the park yesterday and all these girls were playing all dressed in dressy dresses and shoes! who takes their kids to the park dressed like that??? One word- yuppies!

Susan said...

here's another word, stupid asses!