Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today was a big day!

Some days are just big ones!
We had two well visits-which meant SIX shots.
Then we went to register two little girls for kindergarten which meant filling out TWENTY pieces paper--with the same FIVE bits of information over and over again. :)
We came home with a stash of SEVEN new books (when you live in an "impoverished" area, they give you books every where you go. :) No complaints here...my children love it!
Oh, we had to eat three ice cream cones to comfort the traumatized.

I snuck in countless kisses today!
Being a mama is the BEST!


Bethany said...

Yay for mamahood! You went thru a rite of passage - are you excited for her, or sentimental? (I get excited for them. Then sentimental, alone in the night... :))
You sound like me, filling out forms for 2! ;) Oh, the shots.... oh the shots... pitiful sweeties. Jadyn was looking at blogs w/ me, and when she saw a pic of Elena, she said "Hey! That girl looks like me!" And they kind of do - with the lt. brown hair all around the face... the cute nose... the blue eyes... :) Cute.

Laura Smith said...

Hi Susan...I can't believe she is going to Kindergarten!!!!!! Wow time flies. It seems like yesterday Morgan and I were guzzling red punch at your wedding! (BTW no other punch I ever drink can compare!) I wanted to tell you that at Target they have "anti-burn" bathing suits for little boys. They look like biker shorts...so you could always but a regular bathing suit on top of them?? OR just let him go for it!