Sunday, April 25, 2010

We interrupt this program...

to let you know that lightning is striking!!!!! (fill up the page with exclamation marks!!!)
I am missing the amazing race b/c there is a thunderstorm two counties away!
Now, since all the TV station have the fancy dopplers...when it is lightning they have to show the ACTUAL STRIKES on tv.
Can't we look out the window?
Aren't the warning scrolls enough?
I mean--y'all weather people check all those dopplers and then MAKE THE WARNING SCROLL ACCROSS THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN SO I CAN WATCH MY FAVORITE SHOW!!

This cracks Andy up--that the tv people do this, and that it makes me so mad.
He just rubs it in and in and in..."oh, look, sweetie, there is another hook echo! Now they are telling about the hail core, susan, come look"

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Bethany said...

HA! I'm with you! One weather guy here, Glenn, is always going on about "cells" (small beginning of tornado-like circular wind motion - yah) whenever there is a storm - so we taunt him when he cuts into our shows: What is it Glenn, is there a CELL nearby? You pompous $#&...
Though I know w/out cable, when the weather guy is on, he's on every channel... :)