Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Bluebirds

So, about a month ago-right before Easter--when I was sitting at my computer I kept seeing this bluebird out on the tree.
He was always out there playing --scouting out a place to live (this was my story for him).
Then, I remembered! We HAVE a bluebird house in the attic! :)--Yippie!
I felt all kinds of excitement--and a rush--call it nesting--to get that house out on the tree!
I felt like a realtor for birds.
I really needed for this bird to have a piece of property on my big tree outside.
So, I told Andy, "please go up and get the bluebird house out of the attic and hang it up for me, if you do this bluebird will pick our yard to live in"
"Andy, we really need to get that bluebird house up before the daddy bluebird picks another yard"
"Andy, I {really wish} you would {please} hang that bluebird house up"

Andy did not hang up the house.
I kept seeing the bird.
Finally, I said this, "Andy--I am going to get that bluebird house out of the attic."
"Do you reckon I am going to need a hammer or a drill to get the house on the tree?" "Where is the ladder Andy?" "Can you get your drill out, please?" "I am going to hang this up."
"oh, just give it here...i'll do it" {Yippie!}
So that was on a Saturday.
Then next day, on Sunday, Elena and I were in the yard, and she spotted the Mama bluebird going in and out of the house.
Right now, I am checking out the little hole, and i can see something moving around in there--even from inside the house at my computer.
I would never DARE go near it..I am too scared I will scare the sweet little birds.
Ojala que tengan bebes! :)
You know mother nature is a cruel lady most of the time--when I am watching, at least.;).

Happy Saturday

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Bethany said...

Oh, yay! Spring bird-watching. Cruel is right. Cole & I were horrified last spring when a giant crow flew right to nest, picked up a baby and ate it. We yelled and threw sticks! Like mama bears, if they could yell and throw sticks...