Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here are a couple circus pictures...

The man in this picture with Victor had the sweetest face. He was one of the ones I wondered about. He took special care to give Victor the horse he wanted and to walk Victor back over to sweet! Look at his sweet face!

Here is Eva Lou! :)
She is wanting to stand up all by herself. She is pretty steady on her feet, too! When I look at her it makes me think....{I could have two more} But not REALLY! :)
B/c then I see a picture of myself and think--I HAVE 20 MORE POUNDS TO LOSE FROM ALL OF THIS BABY HAVING.
It is funny to me that when I am losing weight, and i feel {hungry} it makes me think I look {thin}. Now, while it is no lie that I look thin{ner}--I am, by no means, where I should be hee hee...It will come. ;).

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