Sunday, May 23, 2010


since i was in about middle school i have had a philosophy on feelings and friends and getting one's feelings hurt. the philosophy on feelings breaks the whole thing down into two points..just like the one on jealousy.
here it is:
really there is no need to ever get your feelings hurt b/c in any situation in which one's feelings are hurt one of two things has happened:
1. the person is a good friend/relative etc. who loves you and might have said or done something to hurt you and they do not know they did the bad thing well, if they don't even know what they did...then why would they know to apologize and the person would never have hurt the feelings on purpose.
2. if a person hurts your feeling for meanness and does not apologize, well they are not a friend even, so forget em. squash it. to heck with em.

Most of the time this whole idea keeps me from getting my feelings hurt. I just don't {most of the time}....
It doesn't work all the time, though....

I guess somethings (matters of the heart) are not so easily broken down into dichotomies. ojala!

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