Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Lovin..

Biore clear pore skin WILL NOT stay clear.
So, I just use three of them whenever I want to...forget nose strip! Hell--I just go
ahead and cover my whole face in them..

Let's see..Peanut butter in vanilla ice cream, yes, this is a re-discovered favorite
and I am about to have ANOTHER BOWL of it. :)--Don't be so....Vanilla!

Get Lost tea--by the republic of tea--Probably what I should be having right now
In stead of the ice cream treat

The show, The C!ty...Hello! It is just as good this season, just as entertaining. That Olivia Palermo--is just a ...well, it rhymes with "itch"

My kids at job gets so bogged down sometimes with paperwork, and crazy BS--but kids make my job so worth it! They get excited when I show them a picture from goog!e images of some 'real briars'--it MAKES THEIR DAY! ..So sweet! They get excited just reading to me-or just when I call them a silly nickname..or going around school and looking at bugs or looking for a frog with me..I could kiss all of them silly! They are treasures and I {try} to let them know it all the time.

Heat. I love the hot weather. It makes me happy!!! :) yippie bring it on!
Today at {music lesson} we were in a house in which no AC was running and it was ...sweaty. umm hmm..
When I was little we had a window unit in the living that meant in my bedroom in down the hall--it was hot.
Andy's mama can't stand AC--so their house is..Hot--of course there is always a
{breeze off the river} uhhm hmmm..

okay..that's about it right now.

nighty night
PS--this is almost spooky y'all--i have toyed with the idea of moneytizing my blog.
i.e. earning some change from posting ads here. know what this post was about. I clicked "publish" and there--boom!
there was an ad by Biore pore strips..OMG-I don't even want to know how they do that...
I am not going to try to earn money from this right now..b/c might be a PITA and 2. they get to boss you about copyrighted stuff(b/c you are
making money from it...and I already have enough bosses.

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