Monday, May 10, 2010

Ay que Cutie pies!

This afternoon when I went out to get the mail off of Andy's front seat I saw scurrying going on in the field behind our house. From the view out of the corner of my eye I assumed they were probably crows or turkey vultures out there...but when I looked more closely I realized that there was some kind of furry creature out there...exciting :).
I came in to get Elena (my little explorer) and the dern phone rang--it was Sissy. So, that meant Andy had to go exploring with Elena--and their whiny as heck (with no nap) tag-a-long brother. :)
These are what they discovered! So cute! Three babies!

The mama was some where over in the briars --I bet she was about to have a heart attack watching us running around out there.
Then after we looked for a bit I did the whole mama ruins everything drill..."Okay, now let's leave them alone so their mama won't be scared to come and find them." know the one...
Luckily their mama did come to get them {that's my story, once again}. So around 45 minutes later, they were gone--Now the story might be plausible this time b/c they were right near the edge of the you know, probably their mama did come out and scurry them back over and tell them, "now next time, y'all need to listen and come one when i call you!"
Don't you bet?


Good raccoons.

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Bethany said...

#1 I just realized I have some scrapbooking paper in the same polkadot as your blog. :) #2 Those babies are so cute!!! Fun adventure... surely their mama came, surely...