Sunday, May 9, 2010


If you know of any little boys who need a cute present there is a toy shaving kit at Target that is so cute! It has a pretend razor and a can of shaving cream. Victor has been having fun shabin with Daddy. Elena get to have fun too of course b/c she shaves her legs in the tub. :)
I finally got around to putting up the picture of Morgan and me. The Carolina Inn is just beautiful! If you ever feel like partying --just go there..there were at least three functions going on there the night we were there. With the right clothes and some energy, we could have partied all night!
And on the top here, My sweet Elena posing with my Mother's day stash. She is modeling the present I picked out for myself at the Pandora store at Southpoint mall. :) I love it, vamos (of course I do, I picked it out!) And don't forget all the handmade sweet presents that are also being displayed! Our babysitter, Camelia, brought me those sweet flowers this morning. :)
Now, I am off to write a couple notes. Happy Mother's Day all my bloggy land people! :)


Bethany said...

Happy Mother's Day blog-bud! Cute pics... and handmade treats. Is your pandora choice the necklace??? Looks very fun... Have a great evening!

Susan said...

The necklace was what I picked out and bought at the Pandora store in Durham.
The lady in there helped me pull out all these beads and design it...ohhh..the self-indulgence! Right after that I went to Nordstrom to get my drink I love (a spiced chai ice storm) I was in hog's heaven! :)