Friday, May 7, 2010

When people {lose themselves} to you. ..

So just now I was settling in to watch Wife Swap..ughh..sad but true.
Ring Ring goes the phone.
A friend was calling.
She is one who loses herself to me with regularity.
It was SO GOOD to hear her voice!
We have been friends since childhood.
We have lived in dorm rooms together.
then all of a sudden...
We are lost.

Then I was watching this show with Andy on PBS Explorer. It was about raggae music and jamaica..
I started wondering where another friend of mine is. Avril Berry is her name.
She is from London.
She is Jamaican.
I met her near the beach cottage.
We were in touch for years.
I visited her family in London for week or so once.
Then she went to Africa one summer to teach...and we lost touch.

I hate it when that happens!! It is nice to at least know where the person is. :)

Okay..i am off to read now. Yippie tomorrow is a Saturday WITH NO OBLIGATIONS!!
woo hoo!!

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