Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here I go {again}

This is a post I have had in my head for a while--it stays there b/c
it is one of my more concrete might just venture out a bit and call it
a personal philosophy...hell if I were on the faculty at UNC I might conduct
the same piece of research on it for 35 years and re-do some charts and graphs on it over and over on each new word processing software that comes out... :) (that was not a necessary comment-but fun nevertheless)

Here it is: Jealousy is the most wasted emotion that one can feel.
I have found that the most jealous people are the most miserable..and this is a
shame b/c if they could realize that there is never a logical reason to be jealous,
then they would be happy--or at the very least neutral.
Two reasons that one could easily decide not to be jealous.
1. If the thing/person/idea/emotion/status (insert noun here) that you are jealous of is something you can have--stop being jealous and work to get it.
2 If the thing (etc.) that you are jealous of is something you could never have anyway..get the hell over are wasting your time.
Booyow! Problem solved, Problem solved.

So pick anything that someone else has had that you might have wanted...
Let's go with a shirt that was cool at a given moment.
You can probably get a shirt by some means or one, sweet talk a parent into buying you one, work really hard in the food l!on deli and make some money to buy one, find a cheaper version and sport it like a rock star...
This situation = No reason to be could get that shirt. Don't waste time being jealous--sino use that time to find a way to get what you want.
Okay another (sort of crazy example) of a situation of jealousy...
You want to be Princess Jasmine...
Let's see you are a blond girl who lives in BFE Oh!o and you are a protestant Christian in the 21st century... aint' ever gonna be princess jasmine--she lived hundreds of years ago, she was a brown chica and she was an Ar@b--so this would go in the get the hell over it category...
Get it...???

This has basically always worked for me.
Even when I thought I would never have children--people would come to me and apologize for being pregnant...One day I finally told someone..
"What in the world? You are apologizing b/c you are able to have children..this is nuts!! This is a blessing for you! This is the most wonderful news of your life--do not go around apologizing for it...hello!!"
I did go with the second route on this one--the get the hell over it and move on route...meanwhile..
well, y'all know the rest of that story..If you don't well ask someone who does, or read more of my blog b/c there is photo proof of what happened. ;).

Good night, I am off to read a book by Elizabeth Berg. She is a great author!


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I got my card on Tuesday! I loved the VB note cards! Hope you are feeling better!!!! Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Bethany said...

I am with you on the "get over it" - and with statistical testing. Of anything. :) Oh no... I said I was jealous of grandparents helping w/ babies. OK - got over it!

Susan said...


This post was not written b/c of that--silly!
I was just thinking about this.
I knew you were just kidding. :)
Ha! That is funny.
You know the kind of jealousy i am talking about ...the kind that people let eat away at them forever...the kind that makes people mean to eachother at work...that kind. :)