Monday, May 31, 2010

SATC 2 Review {Spoiler Alert}**

I went to the movie tonight--BY MYSELF!
That was the second time I have ever done that, and I must say, I will be doing
it again. It was completely enjoyable.
After a long day of having kiddie fun..I went to see a big girl movie.

It was Hilarious to me.
A high point in the movie:
When Samantha (who is menopausal in the movie) dry humps the air in the souk in Abu Dabi and screams out "yes, I have sex!!!" All the while wearing a tank top and shorts and sweating bullets. Men in white sheet outfits gather around to gawk and holler at her.
HILARIOUS! Oh, and the movie script bothered to point out that in these Arab countries while the majority of women walk around in all black {tarps}--the night club goers get to check out girls wearing jingle bell bikinis...don't get it? Neither do I, Neither did Charlotte.

I must say, however the SATC girls are getting old. They all look old. It is even unbelievable to me, at this point.
still fun...but getting ridiculous.
My sister has reported to me, for example, that the dry humping the air is something that happens in her middle school classroom at least once a year.
Carrie seemed to whine the whole movie...did she always whine like this?
I started to think back..was all that talking to herself just whining?
She sure seemed whiny in this one..I wanted to say, "Shut the hell up with all your mellow drama!"

One other bit of commentary--There seems to be always a commentator in the audience with me at the movies. Right around me somewhere was the lady who would not shut up!
She commented and predicted throughout...she was far enough away so that she was not totally distracting.

All in all, my solo movie experience was nice...I also recommend the movie.

**Not that looking old is bad! :) Looking old is good, when you are not fighting it so hard.:)
Looking old is bad when you are trying to look 25--I am only 31, and I don't try to look 25, so people who are 52 really should not. :)


Anonymous said...

That's interesting..I had another friend who loved the SATC but said it was long and boring. So you liked it?

Also, going to the movies byself is FUN :)! I have only done it once but will do again sometime.

Bethany said...

Fun!! I want to see it. I went to one by myself a while back, when you-know-what (vampire) opened. The going alone part was great! The movie? Ugh. :) Too many preteens! At least you don't get that w/ SATC! Did you pack m&ms in your purse??

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I used to go alll the time by myself when we lived in Raleigh and Cedric worked every night and weekend and I loved it! It has been a long time, your blog made me want to go on a movie date with myself (complete with sour candy and popcorn of course!)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I've never seen any of the SATC shows, so the movie didn't register on my radar at all. In fact, last week I kept seeing references to SATC on Twitter and Facebook and I kept wondering what it stood for. I know, I'm a bit clueless.