Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes I wish...

That I had a camera filming parts of my life like today when I decided to go out
and cut some hydrangeas out of this bush that has volunteered itself among the bush
wilderness in my side yard...
I was all stooped the bushes..way down
face near the pinestraw and sticks...just searching out the prettiest
blooms when.....
A snake! literally popped out of the bushes!
I mean it..all I saw was SNAKE!
Then I hauled tail out of that spot--as fast as my big feet in big sandals could
jump/run/hop/scramble out of the spot I was in..
What color was the snake? snake
How big was the snake? snake
How was the snake's head shaped? snake
Thought in my head as I ran: you might not need to run this hard really...
Simultaneous thought: Run Run Run!!! Faster feet!!

I sure do wish that I could see what I looked like..
I picture something like in a cartoon.
My feet hop running.

Ay! Que funny!!

PS: It is so humid here that my hair has curled up right nice and lotion feels like slime on the legs.
PPS: I finished reading The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver --man oh man, can that woman ever write a book! It was unbelievably good and entertaining.

One more thing..Andy and I are off to the mountains this weekend. :) Yippie!

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Bethany said...

I don't know whether to hoot with laughter or shiver with Ugh! I bet that WAS a sight worth filming. WTH was that sanke doing, jumping out at you! That is something I will now think of even MORE than I usually do - might a snake jump out at me?! And... I have that book on hold, waiting for library to call. :) So glad to hear I have a good read coming up.