Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone remember?

The hole in the wall post I posted about Elena two years ago?

Well, this one is about V-man.
He started swimming lessons yesterday.
He was not crying..but then he noticed all the other {big baby} boys crying and he piped up.
The ENTIRE lesson he was being carried around the pool saying, "mammmaaammmaa...."
I was sort of perturbed.
Remember the E. post? She was so brave. She was so proud of herself. Even though she was afraid she was brave. She did not cry. She remembered that I had told her, if you cry your head off, you cannot hear the instructor and you cannot learn if you cannot listen.
Well, V-man--he does not care about any of that logic.
This morning his great idea was -he would stay at grandma's house while we went to swimming! yeah! "I hab a great idea mama, I can thtay at grandma'th houthe"
To be honest, I would have left him there, but she was canning beans.
So to the pool we went. Three kiddies and me. V-man left the house in clothes.
When we got there--the mean mama kicked in and I just started stripping him down. I made him get on his swimsuit and I took him in there and....
He did not cry.
AND he was so proud of himself for being brave.

I am off to rest for 30 minutes..then it's to the river we go!

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