Thursday, June 17, 2010

officially over {to me}

Here are two things that are officially over:--maybe more..

1. The wide open mouth with the tongue sticking out pose for pictures
2. The gigantic wide grin with all the teeth showing--I did this one a lot in high school, I sure wish my mama would have told me not to--it just looks dumb.
3. The porn star beso look--the the lips puckered.

I am over all of these...esp. if you are --well, no matter who you are..they are so 1996!

Also over: French Manicured fingernails--that are long and fake, and french manicured long toenails...ugh.
AND sunglasses on the head. I do this one from time to time strictly b/c it is useful when you forget to take your sunglasses off and leave them in the car, but some people use the sunglasses as their hair accessory...DUMB LOOKING!

There are several more that I have thought of, I will post these too, b/c I am feeling a bit punchy and ill today.
DISCLAIMER: If any of these looks is one of your favorites... sport it, honey! Don't let my opinion stop you! What do I know? {only what looks dumb to me}.

1 comment:

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I hate those long toenails too, just gross!!!!!!