Thursday, June 24, 2010

D, E, F

D--is for in all these summer time fruits and vegetables we have been eating. Blueberries every day, and peaches and plums too. Squash and cucumbers and a supper make around here.
E--is for energy giving naps in the afternoon. Pretty much everyone contact from me b/t 2 and 3...yes. I am napping. (should this have been /n/?)
F--is! That is what summer is all about..for sure.
as for updates about our life this is the last day of swimming lessons for this summer.
we are all waiting around for andy's sister to have her baby. :) so sweet. also so nerve wrecking.
next week i hope to go and visit my cousin, kaye, or to go to the beach cottage for several days.
and i guess that is all. :)

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