Friday, July 2, 2010


my desire to keep up with the ABC thing is fizzling.
I still have one more day, right?
Maybe I will want to continue with that tomorrow.

Andy and I are having some real estate issues. ;).
Who knows where we might be living soon.
Remember we are renting his grandmother's house?
Remember his grandmother passed away?

Well, all that estate stuff sometimes turns out ugly....and in this case that might
be just what happens.
We would love to stay here..but I am not holding my breath on that one.

All of this has led me to some interesting poderances on life.
Is ponderance a word even?
I like it, even if it is not a word, vamos.

Anyway, I have a feeling what it will all boil down to is headache and gut ache for me.
Sometimes that is just how life is.

On another note.
We went to visit my cousin Kaye and it was fabulous!!!
She is my favorite cousin. I don't keep that a secret.
Elena got her ears pierced at the Claire's there!!! Elena was abSolutely THRILLED!
Kaye also convinced me to do the low carb thing..based on our body chemistry and the whole blood type thing.
Basically I am a sugar addict and that does not bode well for me, my blood, my body, or weight loss.
We will see how it goes! I am sort of excited about it.

okay, I am off to read a magazine now.
Andy is mowing the grass...I am sure his head is full of all kinds of thoughts {worry}.

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Bethany said...

Ears pierced?! Big WOO-HOO! My girls have been talking about it... so I described the process. They stopped talking for a while, and asked for clip-ons. :) Thinking about your real estate woes...