Tuesday, July 27, 2010

figs & cleaning

Yesterday my children picked figs and I made Fig and Olive Tapenade.  It is sooo yummy to serve at parties and you just freeze it once you cook it, in batches, to eat later.
I forgot about fig newtons this time... :(
If all the birds don't eat the rest of the figs first, we will make some fig newtons next.
Really the dough is the best part of the newtons. ;).
Heck, Maybe we will just make some dough... and eat it.

Moving on to cleaning...
I cleaned the bathroom--as in going through all of the drawers--today.  Now some might be thinking..huh?
You had to go through your drawers??? Those of you wondering about my cleaning would be the folks who maintain perfect neatness all the time....Well, that ain't me.  I just don't think I am genetically designed to stay tidy.  I LOVE going to a house where you open the drawer and there is A brush and A Comb in the drawer.  Well, in my house you might find...let's see--four bottles of hair detangler, a baby doll comb, two baby brushes (one is squished and of no use), a wire brush, a wide tooth comb, three fine tooth combs (from picture day, thank you very much),  etc.--the list LITERALLY goes on and on.
So, when I do this cleaning I have to be a brutal realist...susan you bought that hair cream five years ago and it is still 3/4 full... These are the kinds of things I must decide when I clean out the bathroom.  I have to admit to myself... Even though that face cleaning system/routine cost you 75 dollars...you have never used it--it did not work!!  These are hard things to admit to yourself--when you are a pack rat  conservative consumer. ;).
So I spent a good portion of the morning on my cleaning mission.  Now the bathroom is SO DAGGONE ORGANIZED!! Yippie!  I showed Andy the new system. ;).
Then I did the weekly cleaning where I clean the pee off of everywhere and scrub the shower/mirror/sink.
The only regret I have is that I was going to take PICTURES of all of this cleaning...like put the hair products in a pile, the foot products in a pile, the fingernail products in a pile (which btw I NEVER THROW AWAY!), the make-up in a pile..you get the picture.  Then I was going to take pictures of it all to share with everyone...It would have been hilarious..esp to Morgan (remember the time you made me  convinced me to get rid of the sleeveless blouse I had had since middle school?  --We were in graduate school!!  ;).
Okay..nightie night..sorry for the lack of fotos. 


Anonymous said...

the tapeande sounds yummy!!

I LOVE to clean stuff out, it's addictive.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

This one cracked me up and I SOOO remember convincing you to toss that shirt!!!! I am like you with the nail stuff, I have polish from probably 5-7 years ago....I rarely even paint my own nails but I still can't part with it!