Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something I {want}

Okay, first off...there is ALWAYS something that I {would love to have}.  There, that is the truth.  We all have these little lists in our heads..if we are honest with know.
Well, today at B and Noble the sales guy was showing their version of the computer book reader to another customer, a clueless {as me} sweet little lady, so I barged in asked if I could watch and listen.
He sold me folks!
The gadget is called a n00k. 
It was so cute, can download 50 gazillion books..ones in spanish too...
It was so cute.
BUT--then I had to remind myself...hold on a second here...
You are living at the poverty level Susan, You have to have groceries bought for you weekly sometimes.
You cannot buy a computer book toy--nor should you even want one--
Get ye to a library! :)
So, there...This is how I calm myself from feeling like a big old whiney baby "who only wants one little ole computer book thingy and cain't even have it"...I say this to myself, "That's alright, one day I will have me some money, and by then a better one will be invented anyway...I'll give em time to work the glitches out."
But if you are a blog reader who does have money...hmm hmm..
Go to B & N and check this cutie out! oh yeah...I don't mind living vicariously...or recommending gadgets to my bloggy buddies. :)


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I know how you feel...I want the iPad badly but of course it is not in our budget right now and probably will not be for the forseeable future...One thing I did when I was lusting over a new camera was to sell a bunch of stuff on ebay (shoes, clothes, jewlery, etc). I ended up making $1000 bucks and used it to buy my camera! How much is the reader thingy?? And you are right, probably better to wait awhile and let them get all the kinks worked out. Plus, I don't like to pay for books and I guess you would have to buy the ones that you download?

Susan said...

b and N has a lot of free books that they release...classics etc. but you are have to have an acct. and purchase the books (which are free at the ole library!) --the books are cheaper than paper books right now..but that is just til everyone has a machine-then they gotcha where they wantcha... :)

Bethany said...

yes! that is a c-o-o-l gadget... R. wanted to get one for me for Christmas or something - but I was too frugal! ME, not him! I said "wait till they work the kinks out..." meaning - wait till i figure out how/where to get the digital books for cheap or free. :) it is SO cool - but i don't know if i could pay for books! then again... w/ all these kids home, we have not been to the library ONCE this month...
I just craigslisted furniture to save up for more furniture - so morgan is def. on to something! scrounge up something to sell, woman!