Monday, July 26, 2010


I have soooo many posts that I could write right now. They have been storing themselves up in my head!
Here are two little tidbits that I promised.
1. Pictures of a really cool place that I love.
It is on hwy 17 north of Washington. They are these little huts that are made of cinder blocks and then this bigger building that must have been the main hub of the huts. They are so intriguing to me. They still have some paint on them, but for as long as I can remember they have never been occupied by anyone...they just sit and ruin. I love them! :) How fun a vacation spot would that be with a grill and a pool and friends in each hut??? fun!

2. Eva eating a tomato como si fuera una manzana (as if it were an apple) out of the garden the other day. She is still so little that eating is just great--if it can be is edible. She eats olives, and she also has a taste for whole tomatoes! That was her lunch. Once she started, I just let her continue on her feast.
okay...i have problem, I just realized that the button I usually click to add fotos--has disappeared itself to me!! hello, blogger--is anyone home???

3.  Okay so I figured it out and I am going to throw in two more here:  One is of a fence I love!! I am going to put one going across the front yard--just for decoration with lots of flowers growing all around it...picture it with roses, hibiscus (the luna ones), forsythia, some daffodils...hydrangeas, lantana...just lots of flowers!! :)

I forgot the other one...I will post it later.  I have put my blogger dashboard into this mode for blogger in draft.
I love it...but I am taking my time to get used to it.
I think it is like a test drive version of blogger, so they can try things out on some people...
Is everyone's composing page different today?  or just mine?

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Bethany said...

1. Yes, what ARE those huts? I have wondered too. 2. Sweeet Eva!! She is so cute. 3. I am picturing your beautiful {potential} flowers & fence!