Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday I was driving on my road going into town and I noticed, walking along the side of the road, a teenage boy in complete cowboy gear.
I have seen him lots of times before. He walks to school at the high school--just a mile up the road from our house.
He has a sweet face.
But seeing him in his COMPLETE COWBOY GETUP made me start to wonder about him.
I mean the only people around here who wear that are the older Mexican men. Not even the middle aged and young Mexican men dress that way.
Here he is a teenaged white kid who walks around in 100 degree weather in cowboy boots, a belt buckle to hold up his tight jeans, a plaid button down shirt, and a cowboy hat...not kidding.
He obviously feels really enthusiastic about this get-up apparently.

What I started thinking about next was...what would it be like to feel so convicted to be different. I doubt he wears this outfit solely to be different or to stand out, but I am sure that he REALLY LIKES cowboy clothes. He likes them to the point that if he is matter, and {probably} if he gets laughed at or picked on, no matter.
How would that feel, I was thinking, to be so different?
You know he realizes that he is different from the rest of the neighbor boys in his taste for the cowboy get-up.
Now, there is a possibility that he has some special need that lends itself to being obsessive, but there is equal chance that he does not have any cognitive or social emotional special needs and he just really likes cowboy clothes and coolness be darned...he is going to wear cowboy clothes.
Either way...he is interesting to me.
I hope that people don't pick on him.

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travelingmama said...

Oh to be so bold! love it!