Sunday, August 8, 2010

Emotion stew

Every year at this time this is what my life becomes.
When the summer is winding down my life becomes a big ole mix of emotions.
I am ready to escape the life of cinderella get back to work and get things going, at the same time, by now my children and I have usually settled into an easy rhythm by now.  They are used to coming to me for EVERYTHING.  My patience for the little things has grown immensely.
So I am torn--having to get back to the rat race and enjoying lazy mornings spent sipping coffee and responding to the easy requests of my own children--feeling the reward of working with my children at school, and feeling the rewards of spending every waking moment with my own children--just torn!
I start dreading and looking forward to the same event.
This year the event is even more momentous because Elena is going to Kindergarten and Victor is going to his first year of preschool with my favorite teacher ever, Ms. Wendy (Elena had her too).
So, two of my babies are starting something new...oh the nerves! (for me only or for me and them???)
Eva will be chillin here at the Casa with Camelia --oh, the life! ;).
We have bought shoes, backpack (one for V-man, E already has one), uniforms.....all the stuff is bought!
Now, just the more week of waking up at 7:00 (not six), sipping coffee and washing clothes while little E takes her morning snooze, rushing out of the house to squeeze in errands or fun at 10:30 until 12:00--naps at 1:00--out again from 3:00-5:00 usually to Nana's to swim...
Poof! School starts...and another summer of hanging with my precious babes is over!
See what I mean about the stew?

Beach bullets:
*Elena lost her tooth--I pulled it with waxed floss (not the recommended string type if I do say so myself).  Imagine the horror of having to have the puller of the tooth, "not quite get it out" and then have to put the string back on the tooth!! I finally got it! She was absolutely thrilled! :)
**We went on a dolphin tour! Yep (Carl Hiaasen would so pick on this!) But really, it was so fun.  Two hours in the sound looking at lots of dolphins including (A BABY ONE!!! ) So cute! and one that had a stump of a dorsal fin..interesting.
*The water alternated b/t cold and jelly fishy...not so much fun.
**The company was wonderful! We loved hanging out with Shannon and Joel and Carter for the whole week! :)

I will post pics in the AM--while baby E sleeps and I sip my coffee!

Here is a picture of the nook cover I want. :)

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A Beautiful Mess said...

usually I am ready to get desperate need of a routine to calm the craziness....but not this year. This has been the summer that I don't want to end. I want to go visit friends in places that I have never been, I want to go see my aunts and uncles in Massachusetts who I have not seen in over a decade! In a nutshell I am not ready yet....