Saturday, August 7, 2010

fun..y fun

we had fun at the beach...
we have had fun arriving at home.

read two books on the nook.
swam etc. fun.

drank three beers, fed kids, showered at home...

more later...


A Beautiful Mess said...

oooh I have a nook too! Love it:) There is a Facebook page where you can lend and borrow books. I have one book to lend...the Red Thread. email me at if you want me to lend it to you. You only get to borrow it for two weeks and then it bounces back to me and I can't lend it again.

Susan said...

That is cool Maryellen.
Do you know what makes a book lendable?
I have just gotten mine, so I am not familiar with all the workings yet.
Right now I am reading a loooonnnnggg book, but after that I would like to do a borrow. :)
There is one book in my library that has a lend thing next to it.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Glad you guys had fun, I loved the time I went to the cottage with you! Remember I got sunburned soooo bad and your parents had me put vinegar on my legs??? I stank but it helped! Good times!!!