Sunday, August 1, 2010

A surprise and a tragedy

First the good:
Andy got me a nook!!! oh yes he did! :)
I have already bought one book and gotten a free one off the internet.

The daddy of a childhood friend of mine (actually my BEST FRIEND in the neighborhood) died yesterday.
All of a sudden in his chair he had a heart attack that killed him. ;(.
This is so sad for his wife.
They were the kind of spouses that were best friends to one another.
He was such a sweet dad/man.
Real quick memory:
I was riding my sweet thunder as fast as I could to get to Kelli's house (probably to dance the snake on the back porch), when I skidded and fell into the gravel.
Mr. Robbie picked me up from the road, crying and took me in and dr'ed my knee as if I were one of his own.
That is how he was---so sweet! and caring.

Okay...We are off to the beach now! ;).


Anonymous said...

im glad you got the nook. I know you really wanted one!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

That is very sad about the daddy of your friend...but very sweet of Andy to get you the nook...I know they do drive us crazy most of the time, but we do have two very good men! Have fun at the beach!