Thursday, August 12, 2010

funny--I love this!

A Southerner knows that "fixin" can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adverb.

I am fixin to go to the store--As in "about to."
The fixins at the picnic were potato salad and cucumbers and watermelon.
Go tell Daddy to come inside and eat, he is out there fixin the truck.

In other news:  I got my cool nook cover! Turns out sometimes Sissy and I surprise eachother in really indulgent ways, and we {might} have passed this on to Caroline.  She was shopping with me the night before Andy got the nook for me and she was really attentive to my favorite picks.  While I was at the beach, she and Sissy ordered it for me! :)
We do buy eachother expensive shoes or whatever that the other would probably like. So there!  
P.S.--Is is Sissy's birthday today...I did not get her a surprise this time--but we don't work like that ---the surprises are not scripted by formality..they are more spontaneous ones. 
Oh, and I am keeping Clarissa today for a bit (the new baby) so that could be considered a birthday sort of treat--but I more consider it a treat for me. :)
I have no idea how to change the font size-and the part at the top was pasted in from an all you folks who might wear glasses to read this sometimes...well, you can take em off.

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Bethany said...

This was great, I coudlread this post from the chair in bakc of the room! I'm fixin' to change my font so you can read it in the kitchen! That is great to have a friend to treat with - nothing like a surprise {treat} - ;-)