Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who to call...

So, for about two years now the shower in this house--we have but one, folks, runs about like a trickle.
So, in order to wash out this brillo pad of hair which God has given me--I have to squat and wash it in the spigot.
So, my mother in law told us...I think that the toilet is leaking--you all should call a plumber and get it checked out (I thought it was Victor's pee to be honest).
Then I noticed that all of the knobs in the shower leaked all around them too.
Bad shower experiences were had on many days.  Over and over with the crappy shower.
I really don't do anything about these kinds of things that bother me, UNLESS I get tripped out, like --oh no the toilet is leaking and the floor is getting ruined and it might fall through.
So, I asked several people about the best plumber to call..girls in my little social dealy, my Daddy (who really trumps them all) ..they all agreed on this one person.
He and his son work together.
It took FOREVER for him to get over here--he called each day to check in, but he could never manage to actually GET HERE.
I remained super patient and sweet.
Well, yesterday he came.
Let me just tell you that my bathroom has been transformed in to a spa!
Oh yes.  Take care entering the shower lest ye get knocked DOWN from the pressure of the water exiting the shower head.
No more drippy knobs.  No more {victor pee} around the toilet.
The moral to this story:
When little things are bothering you all along--everyday things--CALL SOMEONE TO FIX THEM.
P.S.--Victor just sort of pees wherever.  Bless his little heart. :)
He does lift the lid and the seat {just barely} then he just pees...

My next job:  Getting the {crappy} shower walls taken down and replaced AND the crappy plastic around the shower. :)

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Bethany said...

Hurray for strong water pressure! Can't believe you had to squat those long legs down to rinse your hair. :) Tell V Man to watch out! Cole used to do that, lift the lid just a little... and whammie - one day he dropped it on his winkle!