Wednesday, September 8, 2010

are you kidding?

So, in my quest to lose weight I have decided that in order to get off these 20 lbs that I {so desperately want} to lose, I am going to take DIET PILLS.
The prescription kind.
So, this weight just will not go down.
My body wants to weigh 165, and that is just that.
My heart and mind want my body to weigh 145.
....time will tell.
One day on Dr. Oz he commented that women {b/c of hormones} naturally cannot lose weight.
Or hormones help to keep us fat{tned}.
So, he said, "you either exercise strenuously and eat, or you eat VERY LITTLE and exercise a bit or not at all"
So for the past two or three days..thanks to the energy given to my by the DIET PILLS, I have eaten menus like this:
Not kidding....
Then I go exercise to burn the pear off.

This post is not a plea for help.
Anyone who knows me knows, I have a good head on my shoulders and I love to eat, and believe that we
should eat...
but this what being a woman means....
To put all this in perspective... I am not a very large woman...I am just barely over weight.  So this makes me have all kinds of sympathy for the women who I see all around me who are {truly large}.  I used to think...God! they must eat a ton of food...
Not anymore...I think--poor thing...she probably would LOVE TO LOSE WEIGHT..She just cannot be motivated when she has--children/husband/bills/low pay/long work week/food as a comfort/low metabolism... and her PERIOD AND PMS AND HORMONES. ;).
When I was little I used to wonder why when we all ate, my mama did not (and she cooked it all) is b/c God made Women in such a way that we ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO apparently...!!!
My~ How time answers all questions...
One more thing:  Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows this feeling  mean trick of the universe:
You are starving so in your mind you equate that with having lost tons of you put your starving self on the scale only to discover--NOPE!! NOT A BIT.
That very hungry feeling does not always equal weight loss...


Melissa said...

Ironically I am struggling with the same thing. I was always at MOST 135 (Keep in mind I am way shorter than you all! 5'0). Sometimes less (126, 127 wedding weight). About two years ago shortly before Pete passed, I went to 138, then 143..then 148!!! YIKES! Never before seen weights. I lost down to about 140...then have gained it all back again this summer! What the heck! And I try and exercise daily AND am more conscious (certainly more aware of calories and points than I was 5-10 years ago). Now I cannot get lower than 145--for the past 3 weeks, I have been counting and trying to do different forms of exercise (I'm not perfect but DO feel like I am trying). It's budged three pounds but I am stuck!! ARGGH!! I am reading the Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone -- I will NOT be going vegan but will try some veggie meals more. Apparently the meat and cheese stick with us according to her. Thanks for blogging on this, I was just literally complaining about it!
I JUST want to see 144 again at this point!! ARGGH!!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Susan, I think you are 100% right and I have came to the same conclusion as you...It is very sad to me b/c I like food alcohol, cooking, etc. .When I look around me at the women who have lost weight and kept it off, they all have one thing in common: they hardly eat a damn thing. I saw one lady I know ask for 1 french fry at a fish fry we had. One french fry? Seriously?? I am planning on trying presription diet pills when I am done having kids (which is probably going to be after this one with the way things are going)...The doctor I go to now is very against them...she says you can't stay on them forever and that most people lose weight then gain it back when they go off them...SO I may have to switch docs to find one who will give them to me..What are you taking??? Man I wish we could get some of the good Natural Trim we had back in college...I don't think you can find it with ephedra anymore, sucks b/c that stuff worked like crazy, I didn't even want to eat or think about eating at all! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!!!!!