Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parties at Camelia's

Everytime an event happens in the life of any of Camelia's people--they have a party.
It is always the same--they set up tents in their yard and pull out the plastic chairs, there is food
food, and more food, and all of the family comes to celebrate--y godparents too.

Today was Yineth's 6th birthday.
We were there when she turned four, and when she turned five....
Tonight we stayed for the pinyata and the cake--Elena was excited about that.

It is so fun to be around their family.  Most of the family is Jacinto's family (Camelia's husband).
He has lots of sisters, they have lots of children--so there is just a bunch of people running all around.
Tonight we had Pozole.  It was really good to me.  The children all ate pizza.

When it got dark outside it felt sooooo cozy.
Jacinto turned on the music and the porch light--a light bulb hooked onto an extension cord hanging off the porch...all the little bitty girls started dancing.
The big kids had run off to eat their candy and trade candy, and there was a soft murmur of adult commentary
about it all.
I always stand off to the side...not even really listening to them...I just sort of daydream off somewhere...
But I am always happy to be there, and happy to be invited.
Jacinto's sister, Elena, seems to be the matriarchal aunt of their family (we all have one).  She directs the show trips her out that my children have the names they do, and that I speak Spanish etc.
AND--she is going to try to find me a chihuahua. :)  I dreamed about chihuahua puppies after she had
hers at Jacinto's birthday party the other week.

It is cool to me how not a birthday goes by for them {at least so far} without a celebration.  A  real celebration.

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Bethany said...

That sounds cozy and friendly... really nice...