Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the cure

Okay, so this time, with the PMS I am trying a different route--I am giving in.
I am completely giving in to whatever craving!
For example, on Sunday I went ahead and bought several types of candy bars that are my favorites..
1000 Grand (three for a dollar--good bargain at PMS time)
and the new 3 Musketeers truffle bar--which I am convinced has been designed
for women who have PMS--as the chocolate has a very feminine stenciled pattern
on the bottom--the perfect {make me feel better} PMS touch! :)

Next I thought of what food I am craving...
Well, that would be Lasagna and Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce...don't forget the
garlic bread with tons of butter --provided by Pepperidge Farm.
Salad?   (no, there is one made but it is not what I WANTED) ;)
Then I am drinking lots of water (for all that retaining that needs to go on).
Then, I am also not exercising, and I am not drinking any alcohol.

So far, I have not yelled at my kids, cried uncontrollably, or felt bitter against the world during
this PMS session.
Which, to me, seems like I might have found a cure for it??? maybe???
Oh, and don't forget no scales..this is the week of "make me feel better"
And I am beginning to think this is the way God wanted it to be...maybe even


Bethany said...

You are actually {scientifically} right! I saw a lady MD 2 months ago talking about PMS and real ways they are studying to help lessen the effects. One thing she said had real impact: a big pasta meal with tomato sauce. Go, you! I have tried that one for 2 months, and DO feel better too. Forget the salad, ya. And, I'm with you on choc treats. I go for a pk of Rolos, old-school baby. XO

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I've never seen those Three Musketeers before, but you better believe I'm going to find some.