Monday, September 27, 2010

Inquiring minds...

Thank God for Google, b/c I am {nerdy}, I have always liked to just read and read about whatever might
pique my curiosity....and most everything does --well, besides monsters or gorry stuff, or mean stuff...
So after I read the book, A Moveable Feast--all about Ernest Hemingway in Paris in the late 1920's I just
had to look up some stuff about him.
He really made the the end of the book he was about to have an affair {with Pauline} his second wife...the book ended there.
So when I looked him up I saw just how tragic his genetics were...his father committed did he, and so did two of his brothers...hmmmm..anyone see a strange --and very sad--pattern here?
He ended it all in a very confused state of mind and trying to be cured by electroshock therapy....eeeeek!
I must say, though...before all that went down...he was living ...

Then I went on to read about his children--he had three boys.
He left all of their mamas---so I wanted to see how all of them turned out..
(this all might go back to my Last American Man post, I am thinking)..
And YEP!--his sons had some craziness too....One of them died at some correctional institute in Miami
after having sex reassignment surgery at the age of 60 something...going from Gregory to Gertrude
also {very interesting}....
whew...It all tripped me out, to say the least.

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