Sunday, September 26, 2010


Andy and I have had a little stretch with right much social time.
We have been going out with {friends} or having friends over.
After each one we (of course) sum it all up in a little conversation.
Lately, they tend to go one of two ways....
ugh...was that fun to YOU? (b/c it sure was not for me--is implied in the tone of voice),
or --man! that sure was fun...I really like such and such.
This is so interesting b/c some of these social outings happen in the most honest are invited by someone who you really do like...and you end
up mingling in a questionable group of folks---like people who are really not
let's say.... hmmm.. ( I really don't know a nice way to say what I am thinking of)--and btw
what I am thinking of is not even really mean--It's the friend chemistry thing.
Then other times you are invited to do something or invite people over who
are a good match--it's the whole couple friends thing.

When we lived away from home--this was sort of a non-issue.
We did not end up {accidentally} hanging out with people.
The people we befriended  were befriended usually by both of us, and we both
liked them.

Here, at home, it can be a different story--not to mention a puzzling one.
So last night was just fun--not {fun}.
We went out to this giant party in the middle of nowhere in Edgecombe county (at least that is where the
Sheriff's Deputies were from) and we partied--it was something akin to the feria en sevilla in my mind.
Each group of partyers had a home base shack thing where there was food etc.
The shacks were invitation only--private, and they each had a theme (and were decorated to the nines)
It was wild!!! There was a statue--gigantic --of a woman in the middle of the whole set up....Confederate Railroad, and Suicide Blond played music from giant stages...and running along the backside of all of this? The Rivah!--I am thinking the Tar River--or maybe the Roanoke.
We were invited by people who are fun to both of us--to hang out with...we had a driver, and
we had no kids waiting for us when we got home.
It was fun--not {fun}...a later post I will tell you about a {fun} event....
that one is a hoot! :)

Off to nap now...if andy has not beat me to it.

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Bethany said...

Susan! I am intrigued - where the heck is this place! :) Yeah... couples fun is not always {fun}. I have a few friends I love, and Rick is like, yeah their husbands are dorks. So when we get together...