Friday, September 24, 2010

Buckshot version 4

I am still around.
Friday is the only day I have do {breathe}.
Saturday and Sunday are filled with organized {fun} for the whole family.
Actually I have always been of the mindset that fun should not be is actually riding
a tricycle under the carport in circles--not being hollered at to attack a ball.
I think my children are genetically predisposed to think the same way, as they beg
me "can we just stay home and play?"--or "can we just go to grandma's and play?"

This week at group piano lesson I was informed by a fellow suzuki parent that "we should never
trust the gov't to educate our children...that gives "them" to much control"  I was thinking the whole time
{we} are them, sweetheart...although she did scare me a bit. ;).  I am learning this cool trick, called "shut up and listen"--she just went on and on...and boy was she interesting to listen to.
I read some of Dr.(Mr.?) Suzuki's life philosophies and they are BEAUTIFUL.  In particular I loved his ideas
about anger as an absolutely useless emotion.  He had many ideas about child rearing...I think I need to read all his books....

Andy and I watched about Ernest Hemingway's Finca the other night...His farm house in Cuba.
It made me want to go {crazy} one day, and move to Cuba and live on a farm and grow guanabanas.

This morning when I was running in the graveyard I saw the most perfect and beautiful spider web strung across two gravestones and I thought, "huh, the perfect Halloween scene, no?"--Actually I probably said it
out loud--I talk to myself while I run.;).
Then around mile two I almost started crying when I remember my walks in Graham with Elena and Victor.
She was two, he was newborn, and I was always just teeter tottering on the verge of insanity.  What kept me sane was our longggggg...summer morning walks.  Elena has always been SO SWEET! and patient with me.
I can just see her sweet little feet in her pink crocs splashing around in puddles.  We would on hour and a half long walks around our neighborhood and just play and play and laugh.  Wanting to hold those pink crocs again...almost made me cry out loud! ....hold on, I need a tissue! :)

The cutest going on at our house this week was watching Elena give Eva a potty tutorial the other night.
She just did it.  I sat outside the bathroom and watched.  The class ended with Eva sitting on the potty doing a number two! :)--too early to be officially potty training...but so darn cute, nonetheless.

Running is going really well, my body remembered!  So, it's two miles for me...a nice sweat and then home to shower.  So far so good.

Okay, I am off to snuggle with Victor for a bit, then to the carpool line--a {highlight} of the week for me, for sure.


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I need to learn the "shut up and listen" thing! Every 2 weeks we have a conference call for work and every 2 weeks I swear I am going to keep my mouth shut...guess what, every 2 weeks I end up running my mouth again! The people I work with have learned it doesn't make a difference to say your good ideas,suggestions for improving things, etc. but I guess I just haven't learned it yet!!! And I am with you on the "organized" fun of Gabriel's favorite things to do on Fridays when we are off is just to stay in our PJs and play all day together!!!!!

Bethany said...

Too much to google now! Have to look up Suzuki theory, shut up and listen (haha - very impressive!! muy bien!!) and the Cuba thing. Yeah - organized fun = when i blow the bubbles FOR them...