Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The "Empathy card"

So this is going to be a political post.
I thought of it all today when I was listening to the radio.

They were playing a sound clip of P. Obama, and he was saying something like, "i should stand in the sun, that way you people who are sweating in the sun will know i feel how you are feeling."

So the radio person was saying... P. Obama has trouble conveying Empathy.

Well, that got me thinking...let's see.
Hmmm... let's say I have a problem.
Would i rather someone say to me...oh, I feel it, honey...I know...or would I rather someone actually
DO SOMETHING...regardless of what my listening ear is saying...What if they are really smart, and they
are using all their intelligence to solve my problem.
Is that not better than a voice saying to me...I feel ya..

I really believe that p. Obama is trying to solve problems in that critical thinker kind of way...
That is all the empathy we need...critical thinking and problem solving... :)

I'll take that!

Okay..I am off to read now..whew..this is a busy time here in the mama land..

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Bethany said...

I'm echoing you - -a busy mama time for sure. Whew. {Whew.} And - I like presidential critical thinking. Works for me. :)