Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too much, too early

So, we live and we learn, right
Well, when Elena just left, with her dad, who is her coach, to go play soccer...she was CRYING. ;(.
I did not want her to have to do it, either.
It's too much.
Andy tried to tell me, but I could not listen.

We are stopping all seasonal sports until the children are seven.
No more after this.
They are too little.
Developmentally, I think they are just not ready...they do not even get it, really.
And if at 7 my child who is so behind gets out there and is clumsy..well they probably got it honest {from me}
But they might just get out there and ROCK IT --which is what I choose to think will happen b/c they
happen to have a very coordinated dad--who, in this case, was right.

Elena is trying to get used to school...and now her Saturday has been hijacked too!

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Bethany said...

Poor little thing.... kindergarten is such an adjustment. Even though mine went to PreK, the last 3 wks have been very hard.
Due to circumstances {read: too many bebes} we have not done a lot of sports... mostly summer sessions Cole is doing baseball now, and catching up quickly - though the others have been playing since the womb. It was a good choice to wait. I think you will be fine with it, and w/ waiting. If they are athletic, they still will be at 7! {hugs}