Thursday, October 28, 2010

couldn't resist...

I have tried to resist posting this of the videos is full of images of pills...which that IS what the song is about--duh...but there is just something to all of this.
I know of very few mothers around me each day who do not have some form of "mother's little helper"
Today, in the depths of PMS--I was really thinking...there has got to be some relief from this feeling.

Just to TRY to describe what it is like....
I want to go into a sensory deprivation chamber --I want to listen to NO ONE.  No one asking, no one telling, no one commenting.
I want to be touched by NO ONE (except my mom's hugs).
Sleep--forget it...crazy thoughts prevail...totally crazy!
I do not want to smell anything, or hear anything.
Even looking at stuff can get on my nerves.
So this seems like I am having a hypersensitivity know--everything is getting on my NERVES!!!

Today at school several of my colleagues weighed in --of course these were ones who I am also friends with.
They all had pharmaceutical remedies to suggest.
None of which are really options for me.
So this afternoon I asked Camelia (maybe there is some ancient Mexican remedy she knows of) ...
I asked, "you know, the week before your period....Do you feel really angry, sensitive, mean, tired, sad, weepy etc?"
She said, "Oh yeah! ... :) she grins all the time..."  I said, "Oh, okay, so what do you do?"
"she said..oh, pues, nada..."
I just do nothing...

my remedy from last month--you might be  wondering about that--if you are still reading..
Well, I think I was not on top of it this time.
I need to be more in tune to my {cravings} next month.

Does anyone remember Mr. Wilson's {nerve pills} from Dennis the Menace?
I wonder what those were?
No play dates for me tomorrow!  I would definitely get myself into trouble!

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Bethany said...

Yep... I know several moms with pill "helpers" - it is quite the thing. I'm going with the large bowl of pasta fix, remember there is science behind it! And, lots of apologies to my kids for freaking out... (now Cole says it for me... it's ok Mom, you were just over-reacting...) :) Happy friday!