Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girl's night out

Tonight was it.
The third Thursday of the month.
It is really sort of a social club thing.
All the ladies...we go to a restaurant..or to someone's house..whatever our nerves can take.
Tonight I did not want to go.
I went anyway.
Andy convinced me!
It was soooooo worth it.
whew...I needed a moment to vent, and to have fun, and to talk to girlfriends...
Fun. :)

On to other matters---check the sidebar for the post about European men.
When I was in Spain..I was TALLER than all the men.
When I rode the bus and held on to the overhead bar--they came up to my armpits.
I was WAY FATTER than the women--who only smoked and drank coffee from what I could tell.
AND I was too sloppy...
The men there were prissier than me...and for me--that is a no-go.
If you smell higher than a Georgia pine, have shiny shoes, and tight jeans on...
Well, I am just not even interested...not even just to see if I can.
I like stinky, not prissy, boot wearing men.
So I guess I could sum this up by saying--who cares?  European women, can have the
European men. ;).

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Bethany said...

LOL, this cracked me up. I call them euro-trash.. when they are too prissy, slick, etc... :) But somehow? had a thing for swedes, who are not prissy, but outdoorsy or artsy... Oh, and one very tall german (6'6"!) - didn't know spanish were so short! You were in the wrong country for height, huh. Scandinavia, baby. :)
Thx for a Fri chuckle