Friday, October 22, 2010

Current obsession

Marie Antoinette

I am copying my sister {some things never change}.
She has been obsessed for years.
Now --thanks to her loaning me all of her {stuff}--I can obsess too.
How to have  {proper} obsession Lara/Susan style?
Well, you read all the books you can about something.
Watch a couple movies, and google {research} the topic a lot.
Then, when you have a listening ear--like your sister's --you tell her all you can.
Not in a bragging way, sino, in a guess what, this is so cool! kind of way.

So I am on the first book--see sidebar--and it is absolutely captivating.
On to the recipe for obsession:
Then you hang pictures on your wall that make you think about the topic, then you plan a trip {which will be
dreaming} to go and see the stuff...

Genes are crazy things! :)--Sometimes my sister and I are so much alike --even though we are also like night and day.  We are very alike in our nerdiness styles---although she likes formal academics way more than I do...that is why she attends school perpetually.

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Bethany said...

Yes, yes, I love a good {book} obsession. Especially a historic series. And I always want someone to share it with... :) I used to be part of an online chat room, for my Outlander obsession, and for yrs I went to meet the author every time she came to ATL. Even now I follow her & email sometimes... Mom took it so far, she visited places from The Books (set in 1750) when she was in London/Scotland. So, when we are older, the travel part won't be {dreaming}?? ;-)